last time @ Türkenstraße 67
Friday   25.11.16   7pm – midnight

random drinks*
random music
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*celebrating one year of easy!upstream
see you there

INRS x easy!upstream
rocket science & record spinning by INRS
July 20 2016  7pm – midnight

w/ Bogus, Bocaj & friends.

join the happening – grab a beer – show some footwork

INRS / It’s Not Rocket Science is a young blog & media project that covers contemporary and past artists who deserve appropriate attention.

+ last chance to see the current exhibition ‘nonstreaming artifacts’

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DOC. MAGAZIN N°11 April 2016
21 April 7:30 pm – 11.30 pm



murmuring | Hanna Hedman & Sanna Lindberg
25 February 4pm – 8 pm


Murmuring_web only

Murmuring invites us on a journey to a mythical place of shamanistic rites, death symbolism and elusive gender role-play. Through the lens of photographer Sanna Lindberg, the poetic force of Hanna Hedman’s jewellery art is revealed in a way that consciously stretches the expectations of what jewellery art is and can be. Over the course of eight years, Hedman and Lindberg have established an interdisciplinary collaboration in which their separate artistic moods and expressions have been combined into a unique figurative universe.

Published with the support of: Bengt Julins Stiftelse, Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden, Estrid Ericsons Stiftelse
Editors: Hanna Hedman, Sanna Lindberg, Edith Söderström
Authors: Per Johansson, Emily King
Copyediting: Vanessa Magson-Mann
Design and typesetting: BankerWessel, Stockholm
Printed and published by: Kerber Verlag, Bielefeld


100FOR10 exposition and party
opening 3 December 6pm – 11 pm
exhibition Saturday + Sunday 5+6 December 4pm – 8 pm


book on demand. Join the 100for10 Party and Exposition and get the first copies of the fantastic artists monographs, fresh from the printer, either during the event or by ordering in 100for10’s webshop.

Konrad Bayer, Christoph Vieweg, Martina Wember, Silke Werzinger Illustration, Alexander Branczyk, Lea Brousse, Andrej Glusgold, Jovana Reisinger, Fabian Maier-Bode, Eva-Maria Stöhr, Frank Höhne / Berlin
Mirko Borsche, Florian Brugger, Markus Burke, Martin Fengel, Lars Harmsen, Anna McCarthy,  / Munich // Esther Czaya, Katharina Gschwendtner / Hamburg // Dalbesio Myla, Thomas Lail,  / New York // Ghalam Dar / Iran // Damir Doma, Spassky–Fischer, Étienne Hervy / Paris // Gordon Grady / Oakland // Adam Hayes / US // Thomas Hedger / UK // Faye Coral Johnson / Manchester // Christopher Knowles / Dunwoody // Tamer Köşeli / Istanbul // David Leitner, Peter Phobia / Vienna // Louis-César Leroux, Maycec Cecile / France // Rob Lowe / London // Michael Luz Illuztration / Stuttgart // Gui Martinez / Tokyo // Leo-Leander Namislow / Essen // Lars Rosenbohm / Bielefeld // Andre Rösler, Lukas Schönthall / Karlsruhe // Eduardo Sarmiento / Miami // Jean Valencia / Philippines

hosted by easy!upstream


B2B - Business to Business

18 November 7pm
easygoing party @easyupstream / Philipp Reitsam x Moritz Gaudlitz / 2 x 90 minutes individual playlist hosted by easy!upstream.
SEE YOU ON WEDNESDAY! 7pmish – 12amish

BOOK RELEASE full size original ∞ loading
Susi Gelb x Gabi Blum
9 October 2015